Your Thanksgiving Feast & Your Teeth

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A Thanksgiving feast is one of the best meals there is! So many family specialities to sample and enjoy while surrounded by loved ones, it’s the perfect start to the holiday season. Let’s run through everyone’s favorites to see how each affects your dental health.

Turkey – The Main Attraction

What would Thanksgiving be without the turkey. Packed with protein, turkey is a good source of phosphorous. When mixed with calcium and vitamin D, it’s a great combination to promote strong bones and teeth. Free from damaging sugars and starch, meats like turkey are also good for your teeth as you product more saliva when chewing which helps to wash away food particles and acids that cause tooth decay. But turkey can get caught in your teeth so just remember to floss after eating.

Mounds of Mashed Potatoes

Whether lumpy or smooth, this turkey day staple is a good source of Vitamin C, B6, and potassium. Potatoes are starchy, though, and those cavity-causing bacteria that harm teeth love the sugar that comprise starch so just be mindful of brushing after eating or drinking water after eating to rinse away food particles.

Cranberry Sauce -Whole Berry or Canned

Cranberry juice – not cocktail – can reduce plaque by up to 95% as it reduces the sugars in your mouth and makes it more difficult for acids to generate. Cranberry sauce, however, can be sticky, acidic, and sugary so enjoy it but make sure to rinse with water or brush after eating.

Last But Not Least – Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin itself contains Vitamin A which helps build dental enamel and keep gums healthy. But the added sugar and whipped cream can promote tooth decay.

The important thing to remember when enjoying your Thanksgiving feast or any special holiday dinner is to practice good dental care after eating. Rinse or drink with water after eating to flush away food particles and harmful starches and sugars and make sure to brush and floss when reasonable after eating.

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