How to Refrain from Coffee Stains!

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Coffee. 62% of Americans reach for a cup of coffee in to start the day. But along with the extra pick me-up a cup of coffee can provide, it can also have an unfortunate side effect – stained teeth.

Everyone’s teeth are different so some coffee drinkers may experience more staining than others who drinks twice the amount. Certain habits such as teeth grinding can also lead to cracks and fractures in your teeth which make the teeth more prone to staining.

Keep the Stain Away

So knowing that morning joe is a part of so many of our morning rituals, what steps can you take to lessen the staining while still getting your daily beverage boost?

  • Brush your teeth immediately having your coffee. Obvious but effective. Think of a coffee cup, the longer the coffee sits in the cup, the more effort you need to wash out the stain. Regular brushing with a natural whitening toothpaste or baking soda are effective at attacking the stains that work to discolor tooth enamel.
  • When you’re not able to brush your teeth, rinsing your mouth with water is a great option. Keeping water handy is not only good for rinsing but it also gives you the added benefit of staying hydrated!
  • Although not as effective as rinsing with water, saliva can also help rinse away some of those teeth-staining suspects. Chewing sugar-free gum can help in a pinch by stimulating saliva production.
  • One very simple way to lessen staining is to drink your coffee through a straw. Simple. Just be cautious of your coffee’s temperature when you’re slurping through a straw so you don’t burn your mouth with a rush of hot coffee.
  • Regularly scheduled cleanings provide that extra effort to keep those pearly whites white!


If you love your morning cup and need an extra boost to get your teeth back to white, ask about our Zoom teeth whitening services. Or watch this video to get an idea of what’s involved in the whitening process. Healthy and well-cared for teeth make everyone want to smile.

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