WaterLase Offers Stress-free & Gentle Pediatric Dentistry

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WaterLase Dentistry is a gentler and more precise treatment option for your child’s dental needs.

Gentle & Precise With Waterlase

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes the use of lasers in dental procedures for infants, children, adolescents, and people with special health care needs. WaterLase laser energy quickly removes cavities with pinpoint accuracy – without the heat, vibrations, and shrill sound of the drill. The WaterLase dental laser makes a sound like popping popcorn! For the majority of patients, no anesthesia is necessary. Fewer shots mean less anxiety and stress for both you and your child. Little to no numbness after the procedure leads to less accidental cheek biting, and fewer adverse side effects associated with anesthesia.

Less Trauma & Faster Healing

Patients treated with laser energy cover more quickly. The WaterLase stops bleeding before it starts, making procedures less painful and traumatic. Healing can occur more rapidly with less discomfort for your child and a reduced need for post-operative medication.

If you have questions about how laser pediatric dentistry could help your child during dental appointments, reach out to us at (248) 852-3130.

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