Waterlase Iplus Laser Aids in Patient Comfort and Healing Time

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It’s important to us that we stay up-to-date on the best dental technology out there for the care and comfort of our patients. Just this November, we welcomed the addition of the Waterlase iPlus All-Tissue laser as our newest dental tool.

This minimally invasive and highly precise dental laser helps us provide you with the best possible experience. With the power of laser energy and a spray of water to cut soft-tissue, hard-tissue, and bone, the Waterlase iPlus provides a no-pain, no-injection and no-drill dental experience with a shorter healing time.

We’re excited to keep moving forward and offer you the best practices and technology in the dental care field to provide you with a more comfortable experience. Feel free to ask us about the Waterlase iPlus laser during your next visit. And as always, until we see you next… don’t forget to brush and floss!

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