Water Does a Body – and Your Teeth – Good!

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It’s starting to get hot out there! With only more hot days out there on the horizon as we head into summer, it’s important to stay hydrated. Before you reach for that thirst-quenching sports drink or juice for relief, read more about why water is the best choice to stay cool and hydrated.

Keeps Your Mouth Clean

Our bodies are made of 60% water so drinking water helps keep our body in balance and in good health. Unlike filling up with soda, juice or sports drinks, which can leave unwanted sugar behind on your teeth, water is the sugar-free choice. The sugar in some of these other beverages contributes to acid and bacteria that can eat away the enamel of your teeth.


Outside of skipping the sugar, water also has the added benefit of flushing away some of the residue that sticks to teeth after drinking and eating. When your mouth gets dry in the heat, saliva production decreases so your natural tooth decay fighter lessens. By drinking nature’s refresher, you keep the saliva flowing and increase its ability to flush out leftover food and acids in your mouth.

Keeps Teeth Strong

Most tap water contains fluoride which is known to help prevent cavities in teeth. In a 2011 study done in two Canadian cities – Calgary stopped adding fluoride to its water, Edmonton did not – 2nd graders in Calgary were found to have more tooth decay than those in Edmonton. Weighing other factors into consideration, fluoridated water is a solid choice.

So whether hitting the beach, playground or track, remember to bring plenty of refreshing H2O to stay hydrated and support good dental health!

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