Tooth Sensitivity & Gum Health

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Sensitive teeth are no fun no matter what the season but when you catch a mouthful of that cold winter wind or that steaming hot cup of cocoa or coffee hits a nerve, there’s not much of a reason to be merry!

Nerve Protection

Gum tissue is a tooth’s best friend. This soft tissue normally covers our teeth, protecting an underlying layer of dentin, which contains millions of tiny tubules with nerve endings. When these tubes are left unprotected due to gum recession or eroded enamel, those nerves are exposed to temperature variations. That’s when you end up with the resulting flinch caused by cold air whistling through your teeth or hot beverages causing you to wince in pain.

Tooth Sensitivity Culprits

Tooth Sensitivity Culprits

You definitely know when your teeth are sensitive and now know what the biological cause is, but what can be done to protect your gumline to minimize gum damage?

  • Go easy when brushing your teeth. Intense, aggressive brushing can cause exposure of dentin.
  • Be mindful of drinking overly acidic beverages like coffee, pop, tea, juices, and wine as they can wear down tooth enamel.
  • Make sure to keep regular dental appointments to monitor tooth grinding, which can affect your gum health.
  • Go easy on in-home tooth-whitening agents as harsh ingredients that are used to strip away the stains can also think the enamel around dentin.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity issues, call our office at 248-852-3130 for steps you can take to alleviate the symptoms and make certain there aren’t any additional underlying causes of discomfort.

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