Xylitol Sweetener Benefits Your Teeth

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With so many sweeteners on the market, figuring out which one is best for your teeth can get confusing. So take the guesswork out of it and go with the one that has been clinically proven beneficial for teeth – Xylitol.

Clinical studies have shown that foods sweetened with Xylitol help in the battle against tooth decay by significantly decreasing plaque accumulation. Xylitol doesn’t produce the acids that aid in tooth decay and normally come along with the consumption of carbohydrates or sugars. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria that is associated with dental decay.

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Some other benefits of Xylitol are:

  • Increases saliva production to aid in the repair of damaged tooth enamel.
  • One third fewer calories than sugar and no aftertaste.
  • Xylitol can serve as an effective sugar substitute for diabetics and non-diabetics. (under the guidance of their healthcare providers).
  • IXylitol is not an artificial substance, it is 100% natural and a normal part of everyday metabolism.
  • The World Health Organization has given Xylitol its safest rating for food additives. In the amounts needed to prevent tooth decay (less than 15 grams per day), xylitol benefits and is safe for everyone.
  • Xylitol is conveniently available in chewing gum, tablets, or even candy.
  • Xylitol tastes good so using it in your health regimen is easy!

The benefits of using Xylitol are long-lasting as low decay rates persist after the trials have been completed. So consider looking for Xylitol when reaching for that next pack of gum and enjoy a sweet treat that won’t hurt your teeth!

Note: Information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified dental and medical health providers with questions you may have regarding your specific dental or medical conditions.

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