Start The Season Off With A Healthy Dose Of Winter Water

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Why wait until the new year to start a good habit? As we head into the winter months, all of that dry air and dry indoor heat can make us thirsty but we sometimes forget that drinking water is just as important now as it is in the warmer months.

Water, Water, Everywhere

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In addition to just being one of the all-around best and healthiest thirst-quenchers, water has great benefits for our dental health as well!

  • Kick Sugar to the Curb – Not only are sugary drinks packed with added calories, but they also promote tooth decay. If you’re looking for something to ward off thirst while watching your waistline, water is the way to go.
  • Relief for Dry Mouth – Sipping water not only keeps dry mouth at bay but having a consistent flow of saliva in your mouth helps wash away leftover food and the harmful acids that cause bacteria in your teeth.
  • Flushing Clean – Unlike drinks like soda and juice which can leave sugars and acid that wear on enamel, water is a healthy beverage choice. Reaching for water throughout the day helps support your dental health as it washes away the acids and food residue that lead to bacteria in the mouth.

So why wait for New Year’s Resolutions, remember to reach for water this winter to benefit your health.

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