Spring Cleaning for Your Dental Health

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Are you feeling it? The itch to get things in order, clean out those closets, open those windows to get some fresh air? Spring is here and it’s hard not to be inspired by this time of year. So as you work to dust off those winter doldrums, don’t forget to think of your health when it comes to getting things in order. It’s time for a dental spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning for Your Dental Health

What better time for a fresh start than the spring! By scheduling an appointment for a preventative cleaning, you are not only working to keep your teeth, gums and bones clean from tartar and plaque, you are also taking a positive step in monitoring your overall dental health to ward off any future problems.

Although any time of year is the right time for good health, the best time is the present to get back into a regular dental check-up schedule. Whether it’s been the recommended six months before appointments or longer, know that we are ready to help you in any way to make dental care a priority and a key part of your wellness plan. Call us at 248-852-3130 today to schedule your next visit.

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