Spreading Sweet Smiles!

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Nothing like starting the new year off on a sweet note! On January 3rd, our team dropped off all of the candy you donated along with 200 toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste to the Troy Freedom Center in Troy, Michigan.

Spreading Sweet Smiles!

The Troy Freedom Center lounge, a Military Entrance Processing Center, serves new recruits and their family members during their enlistment process. The candy will be shared with soldiers who are enlisting and soldiers traveling through Detroit. It will also be enjoyed by soldiers such as Staff Sargeant Robert McGlynn, the spouse of one of our patients, who are currently deployed in the Middle East – 337 lbs is a lot of candy, after all!

sweet smiles, rochester hills, mi

We had to get that big stash of candy to its new home, it was just too tempting to have around the office! Thank you to everyone for sharing the sugar this past Halloween and spreading some smiles.

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