Sparkling Water – Your Teeth’s Friend Or Foe?

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Sparkling water is all the rage. Whether traditional plain or flavored with hints of lemon, watermelon, or any other of a slew of refreshing flavors, sparkling water is a refreshing choice without the added calories of many other carbonated beverages. But is it also a good choice for your dental health?

Fantastic Fizz or Falls Flat?

Carbonated beverages have higher acid levels which are known to weaken tooth enamel. Currently, available research supports the fact that sparkling water is fine for your teeth. Although it is slightly more acidic than ordinary water, its effect on tooth enamel is the same.

Sparkling Water Is a Refreshing Choice

There are a few things to consider when reaching for your fizzy refresher that can change the impact it has on your teeth so be mindful of the following:

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  • Citrus-enhanced carbonated water often has even higher levels of acidity which has the potential to damage your enamel. To limit concerns, choose to enjoy flavored sparkling water while eating or in one sitting so you are not drinking from it throughout the day, causing continual acidic exposure to your teeth.
  • Look out for added sugar which increases your risk of developing cavities. Even with “water” in the name, a sugary carbonated beverage is still not your mouth’s best friend.

Fluorinated water is always your best thirst-quenching bet. Being mindful of the potential acid and sugar levels in your sparkling water can help you appreciate this refreshing beverage while also caring for your teeth. Overall, diet and food choices have a great impact on your teeth so reach out to us at 248-852-3130 or inquire at your next dental appointment if you need information on selecting the best choices for your dental health.

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