Root Canals: Getting to the Root of the Problem

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Root canal. We’ve heard about the treatment before and may have even had one. But why are root canals necessary?

A “Root Canal” on Your Tooth’s Root Canal

In addition to the descriptive name we use for the treatment, a root canal is also the term used to describe the cavity or space in the center of the tooth. The tooth’s nerves lie within this root canal. These nerves let us know when something is hot or cold but, ultimately, do not affect the daily functioning of our teeth.

When this nerve tissue, or pulp, is damaged due to decay or repeated dental procedures on a tooth such as large fillings, cracks, and chips, the nerve tissue begins to break down. Bacteria can then multiply within the canal and cause an infection or an abscess at the root of the tooth.

Dr. Mansour, Root Canal

Root Canal Procedure

What we commonly refer to as a “root canal” is the treatment done to remove a damaged nerve and pulp and clean and seal the tooth. This saves the tooth from becoming badly decayed or infected. If treatment is not done, the surrounding tissue will become infected and abscesses may form.

Root canals are highly effective with more than a 95% success rate. Many teeth fixed with a root canal can last a lifetime. And despite the bad rap root canals may have gotten in regard to being painful, patients very often only feel mild sensitivity after the procedure – root canals actually relieve the pain you are experiencing! If you are experiencing dental pain, call our office at 248- 852-3130 and we can help determine the right course of action at this time.

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