Playing Santa but Not Sure What to Donate for Toys for Tots? We Can Help!

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Wondering what to donate to our Toys for Tots donation drive through Friday, December 10th? Here are some guidelines from the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation that should be of help!

What Ages Are Supported by Toys for Tots?

Most campaign sites are able to assist children up to age 12, but in many local communities, local support is such that the age limit may be extended. Check with your local campaign for age limits.

Is There a List of Toys Available to Guide Me With My Donation?

Toys for Tots does not publish a list of appropriate toys to donate. If such a list were created, most would follow it, resulting in a limited selection of items to distribute in each community. We would rather our donors consider what might be an appropriate gift for their own child/relative, purchase the item, and donate to Toys for Tots.

Pre-teen/teens Are Groups for Which Shopping is Especially Difficult. Do You Have Any Ideas?

The Foundation does purchase supplemental toys/gifts for our campaign sites and focuses on these age groups. In the past, items purchased for these groups have included, but are not limited to: sporting equipment/bags/balls; books, backpacks, cosmetics, purses, watch/wallet gift sets, bath gift sets, board games, radio control cars/trucks, hand-held electronics, skateboards/helmets, curling irons, hair straighteners, and hair dryers.

Are There Toys/gifts That Are Not Accepted/distributed?

Toys for Tots prefers not to accept realistic looking weapons and gifts with food. If donated, such items will NOT be distributed.

If you have any other questions, visit the Toys for Tots website for more information!

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