New Year’s Resolutions – Brush & Floss!

resolutions, brush, floss, calendar

Kick off your New Year with some easy-to-achieve dental goals and resolutions!

Make Dental Resolutions & Set a Good Example

resolutions, brush, floss

Brushing twice daily and flossing daily are simple goals you can set and accomplish. Be the example for your family and help your children make routines that will help them support a lifetime of good dental health.

Check out these easy-to-print monthly calendars from our friends at the American Dental Association. Print them out each month to provide a visual way for your children to track their brushing and flossing habits. It can also be a good reminder for us adults, too! Here is January’s to get you started!

Get the New Year off to a healthy start! Give our office a call when we return after the holidays on Tuesday, January 3rd to schedule your next dental appointment at 248.852.3130.

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