Meet Brigette, Patient Care Coordinator!

Brigette, Our Team, Dental Team

We have someone we want you to meet! Meet Brigette, our new Patient Care Coordinator!

Brigette has worked in the dental field since 2014 and has loved every moment of it. She says it is a very rewarding career because you get to see your patients happy and loving their smiles when they leave the office. Brigette loves the feeling of making an impact on someone’s life each and every day and says her patients make an impact on her life as well. Brigette has two general Associates degrees and is very proud of her 4.0 GPA! She loves what she does and it shows.

Brigette enjoys working at Family Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry, she admires how everyone gives 100% to the patients every day. She loves the care and compassion everyone shows to the patients, and our ever-evolving and constantly advancing techniques. It doesn’t even feel like work, either!

In Brigette’s spare time, she loves to read, find new music to listen to, go to concerts, and play with her Rottweiler, Vega. She also loves to stay active by biking and practicing yoga! Brigette loves spending quality time with her friends, family, and boyfriend whenever she gets the chance.

Help us welcome Brigette to the office by saying hi the next time you stop by!

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