Know The Four Main Parts Of Your Teeth

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Did you know there are four main parts of your teeth? Let us help shed a little light on the anatomy of this most important dental tool.

Main Parts of Your Teeth

Hard Tissue of the Tooth


The hard calcified tissue on the surface of your teeth is called enamel. It protects the dentin underneath but contains no living cells itself so any damage or decay to enamel can only be corrected by a dentist.


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The living tissue below the enamel is sensitive and communicates with the nerves in your teeth. If it becomes exposed due to wear on the enamel, teeth can become more sensitive to heat and cold.


Tooth roots are protected by a hard connective tissue appropriately called cementum. It anchors the tooth in its socket with supporting fibers attached to the periodontal ligament, helping keep teeth secure.

Soft Tissue of the Tooth


Pulp is the center of the tooth. It contains nerves and blood vessels that help nourish your tooth.

What Are the Crown, Neck & Root?

The crown is the visible part of your tooth, the neck joins the crown and root, and the root is the part of the tooth inside the bone socket.

What Are the Gum, Nerve & Bone?

These terms are a bit more familiar to many of us. Gum is the tissue that protects and holds teeth in place, nerves help provide the sensation of heat and cold to the tooth, and the bone refers to the jawbone that supports the teeth.

Knowing the anatomy of your teeth can help you understand the importance of keeping good care of these vital components of your dental health  Let us help you keep up great dental habits and call our office at 248-852-3130 today to schedule your next appointment.

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