Keeping on Schedule With Health Routines

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As we look toward the fall and what is normally the traditional back to school time, we know our usual routines will be different this year. Perhaps sports are on hold, classes are online, and we ourselves as parents are working remotely while trying to manage our homes and our children’s learning. It’s a lot.

Schedules are important not only when we are rushing around to appointments, activities, and fun events but they are equally as important when various aspects of our lives are somewhat out of our control. Making sure to keep and follow even our simplest routines like daily tooth brushing and flossing can provide a small sense of accomplishment that can help give structure to our days.

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So support your family in following the small routines. As hard as it is sometimes to find time for our health when so many other aspects of our lives take the forefront, keeping on track with simple tasks like maintaining dental check-ups and at-home care is not only beneficial to our health but also to our sense of normality.

Call us at (248) 852-3130 to make your next appointment, set times during the day for brushing and flossing, and keep routines going as best you can. Sometimes having the little things in our pocket can boost us to handle the big things.

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