It’s Time For Your Spring Cleaning

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We made it, it’s Spring! As you start opening those windows and cleaning out those closets, don’t forget to do a little spring cleaning check-in with yourself!

Detect problems in the early stages when they are most easily and least expensively treated by visiting your dentist every six months for your dental check-up and cleaning. Our program includes the thorough examinations of teeth, gums, and bones, removal of tartar and cleaning. We use Computer Dental Radiography, which emits 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays.

Preventive Care and Instruction for Children

Flouride treatments and sealants can help your child keep a healthy, cavity-free smile. To encourage proper brushing, we give away a special prize every month to one of our lucky pediatric patients with no cavities! What better time to get back on track with your dental health care! By scheduling an appointment for a preventative cleaning, you are not only working to keep your teeth, gums, and bones clean from tartar and plaque, you are also taking a positive step in monitoring your overall dental health to ward off any future problems.

Whether it’s been the recommended six months before appointments or, ahem, a long time, know that we are ready to help you in any way to make dental care a priority and a key part of your wellness plan. So get to spring cleaning and call us at 248-852-3130 today to schedule your next visit.

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