Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

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“My tooth is loose!” Such excitement and anticipation in that one phrase. Not only does it mean that your child is growing and reaching new milestones but it also means that a visit from that elusive but firmly believed sprite, the Tooth Fairy, is coming soon! And what better day to get ready than on Tooth Fairy Day!

Tooth Fairy Treasures

Since today is the day to celebrate, think back to your own wonder as a child about how the Tooth Fairy got into your room, where your tooth was actually going to and how much money or what little treasure you were going to find under your pillow the next morning.

Share these sweet keepsakes from the American Dental Association with your favorite owner of a wiggly tooth and enjoy the memories. For more printable Tooth Fairy sheets, you can visit the ADA’s website . Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

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