Get Ready for Spring Cleanings!

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Spring is on the horizon! As we look forward to longer days, more sunlight, and fun outdoor activities, spring cleaning comes to mind. There’s something about spring that suits a fresh start, whether it’s tackling that messy garage or taking on a healthier eating plan.

Spring Cleanings Are a Great Fresh Start

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What better time to get back on track with your dental health care! By scheduling an appointment for a preventative cleaning, you are not only working to keep your teeth, gums, and bones clean from tartar and plaque, you are also taking a positive step in monitoring your overall dental health to ward off any future problems.

There’s no time like NOW to get back into a regular dental check-up schedule. Whether it’s been the recommended six months before appointments or, ahem, a long time, know that we are ready to help you in any way to make dental care a priority and a key part of your wellness plan. Call us at 248-852-3130 today to schedule your next visit. Let us help you be confident in your smile and your health!

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