Free Custom Fit Mouthguard for Avondale Hs

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The American Dental Association advocates mouthguard usage to reduce the risk of sports-related dental injuries. We want to help ensure safe practices by offering Custom Fit Mouthguards FREE to Avondale High School Football and Soccer Players.



Often mouthguards are simply not used, while a mouthguard that fits is more likely to be used. We believe that Custom Fit Mouthguards will help ensure usage, so we are offering Custom Fit Mouthguards FREE for Avondale High School Football and Soccer Players.

Injury Prevention

Studies have shown that players who use mouthguards are approximately 80% to 90% less likely to experience dental injuries. While any mouthguard helps, indications show that custom fit mouthguards further reduce injuries.

Custom Made

There are differences among mouthguards. A custom fitted mouthguard for each player is far superior to store bought protection. Custom made mouthguards are designed to fit the individual rather than a ready made, mouth shaped product. We believe that custom fit mouthguards make such a difference that we are offering them to Avondale High School Football and Soccer players for FREE.

At Family Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry, we care about your family’s dental health. We are offering Avondale High School fans a FREE whitening kit with checkup and all Avondale players a FREE custom fit mouthguard. Call our office and mention Avondale Football! 248.852.3130

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