Resolve to Drink Water for Dental Health

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January brings with it a fresh start, a renewed chance to get things in order. If you’re a fan of resolutions or are just looking at small changes you can make to better your health in the new year, we have a clear choice – water!

The Clear Choice

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Water is beneficial to our health in so many ways. From hydrating our bodies, which are composed of 60% water, to flushing waste from our system, water also provides great benefits to our dental health.

  • Strong Teeth – Fluoridated water helps to prevent cavities. In a recent study done in Canada, the dental health of second-grade students in Edmonton and Calgary was compared. Edmonton has had fluoridated water since 1967 whereas as Calgary stopped adding fluoride to water in 2011. The study found that the children in Calgary had more tooth decay than those in Edmonton.
  • Flushing Clean – Unlike drinks like soda and juice which can leave sugars and acid that wear on enamel, water is a healthy beverage choice. Reaching for water throughout the day helps support your dental health as it washes away the acids and food residue that lead to bacteria in the mouth.
  • The Light Choice – Not only do sugary drinks cause tooth decay, they also are packed with added calories. Water provides solid thirst-quenching relief without the empty calories.
  • Dry Mouth Relief – Having a consistent saliva flow in your mouth helps wash away leftover food and the harmful acids that cause bacteria in our teeth. Sipping water keeps your mouth healthy and keeps dry mouth at bay.

Resolve to reach for water in the new year when you are looking to quench your thirst.

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