Celebrating Our Best for National Hygienists Week!

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National Hygienists Week is April 3-9 so we figured what better time to take a look at what incredible work our talented crew does to help care for our dental health.

Dental hygienists are a valuable and indispensable part of our dental team. Not only do they perform the very important task of cleaning teeth to remove plaque and build-up, they are responsible for so much more.They also:

  • Assist with patient screenings, review oral health history and cancer screening
  • Take x-rays
  • Apply preventative sealants and fluorides
  • Educate patients on good dental hygiene practices to help promote oral health such as tooth brushing and flossing
  • Provide guidance on how a healthy diet helps maintain healthy teeth
  • Make impressions of patients’ teeth
  • Work with the dentist on a variety of dental treatments
  • Document visits and maintain patient records
  • Work with patients to provide for their comfort and ease during their visit

So a huge thank you, this week and every week, to our team of talented dental hygienists for all that they do to help care for our teeth and our health. Quite simply, we couldn’t do it without you!

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