Break This Bad Habit – Not Your Teeth!

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We’ve all been there, stuck trying to open that stubborn bag of potato chips or rip that annoying tag off our new shirt. It’s so tempting to use our teeth to do the job – but stop! It only takes one minute to cause unnecessary damage to your teeth and instant regret.

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Often times we are stuck looking for a pair of scissors to snip a tag with or a grip to open a tricky bottle cap when we need one. And it may seem like just popping it into our mouth and using our teeth to do the job, just once, won’t hurt anything. But just one time is all that is needed to weaken the edge of the tooth, causing it to eventually chip off, or even fracture.

So the next time you are thinking of using your teeth as a tool, stop and actually take a second to get the right tool. Use your teeth for what they are intended for and leave the ripping, tearing and tugging to the scissors and pliers. Although we always love to see you, just remember that a few moments of inconvenience can save you a trip to the dentist.

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