Beware of Dental Scares This Halloween!

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Scary costumes and silly tricks are part of what makes Halloween so fun. And the CANDY, so much CANDY!

Teeth Treats With No Tricks!

To keep candy form playing tricks on your kids teeth while still letting them enjoy some treats, keep in mind these handy guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry on ranking the worst to best treats for teeth.

And remember, a few things to keep in mind as your kids get ready to get their trick or treat on this October:

  • Have your kids drink water after eating treats if they are not able to brush their teeth right away. Swishing around the water helps them loosen pieces that could be stuck in their teeth and washes away some of the residue.
  • Make sure your little one gives their teeth a solid tooth brushing and flossing before bedtime.
  • As a parent and treat giver, consider passing out treats other than food. Stickers, erasers and little temporary tattoos are all fun alternatives and are cavity-free!
  • Decide on the number of treats your child can keep, maybe even per the three categories of the AAPD chart and consider donating the remainder.

There’s no reason to skip the Halloween treats if you make the right choices and make sure to care for your teeth to avoid any tricks!

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