Baby’s Dental Care Starts Early

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A baby’s first tooth is often met by much excitement, tons of photographs and oftentimes relief after many sleepless, cranky nights. After the fanfare dies down, it’s important to remember that from the moment that first little tooth pops through, your baby’s teeth are at risk for tooth decay.

Caring for Your Babies Teeth Before You

Even See Them

It may sound odd but the best time to begin caring for your babies teeth is before they even emerge. It’s recommended to wipe your baby’s gums after each feeding with a water-dampened clean cloth or gauze, especially before bedtime.

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Brush from the Start

Along with the appearance of that ever-so-exciting first tooth should come the purchase of that very first toothbrush. Stick to small, soft-bristled brushes and, just like adults, brush baby’s teeth gently twice a day.

Never Too Young for Cavities

Baby teeth do fall out and make way for permanent teeth but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to care for them in the meantime. Baby teeth can decay and become infected, which not only causes pain and discomfort, but can also damage the permanent teeth below. If a tooth does become infected, it may need a root canal or need to be extracted.

Start Dental Visits Early

We enjoy working with young patients at Family Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry and provide the care and patience your young one needs to build a comfort level with us. Early childhood dental visits aim to give not only overall good oral care from the start but build a positive dental experience for them. We recommend your child come in for their first check-up around two years of age. The appointment will be short and basically a chance to introduce them to our office and the general dental check-up experience.

Sharing knowledge with you about early dental care and doing a standard and short check up is a great way to ensure your child’s dental care is off to a healthy start.

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