Adult Tooth Loss

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Kid Stuff

Losing teeth for kids often means a visit from the tooth fairy. For children, tooth loss is a natural part of growing up. Grown ups experience tooth loss too. Generally for Adults tooth loss occurs when a tooth has cracked, decayed or for some reason has become beyond the help of a simple filling.

What Are the Options

Tooth replacement options are dependent on a number of factors, including the patient’s general oral health. People have concerns about dentures, but there are other options available. The Journal of the American Dental Association outlines the differences between dentures, implants and bridges.



An Implant is considered a permanent replacement. A surgical procedure replaces the tooth root. For the next step, a crown is attached to the new tooth root. This crown is designed to match your existing teeth. The implant is not removable.


Some may be familiar with removable bridges or partial dentures. A bridge is designed to anchor on existing teeth, replacing one or more missing teeth. Bridges can also be cemented in which will make them permanent replacements.


Changes in dental technology occur all the time. An article by Harvard Health Publishing, though a bit older, it offers additional details about implants and bridges. If you have experienced tooth loss or you are concerned about potential tooth loss, come in for a consultation. We can assess your oral health and discuss options to keep you smiling. Call 248.852.3130

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