Coping With Unexpected News During a Dental Visit

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When we go to the dentist for a check-up, we usually go expecting to get our teeth cleaned and to leave with a clean bill of dental health. Finding out we have cavities or gum disease is especially hard when we aren’t experiencing any problems and expect to be sent on our way with no words about fillings, root canals or crowns.


Although no one wants to find out that they unexpectedly need dental work done, it’s important to remember that finding out there is something that needs attention is much better than the alternative. The sooner we are able to work to repair a cavity or the early signs of gum disease, the easier it is to avoid these issues from turning into even more serious care required for tooth replacement or treatment for gingivitis.

When we encounter dental concerns during a visit with you, we take care to let you know what the cause is and recommended treatment. Sometimes, when we discover a cavity, for example, it may mask other required dental steps to take such as a root canal or crown. Think of it as working on a house, once the walls are uncovered it’s important to see what condition the underlayer is to make certain the foundation is strong. Although we had hoped to only paint or wallpaper, sometimes walls need to be replaced or patched.

Step by Step

Thinking of dental care as a step-by-step treatment helps us make certain we are thoroughly treating the concern to make it as much of an effective treatment as possible. When we do recommend treatment, we make certain to explain completely why the work needs to be done, what exactly the treatment will entail and can answer questions about estimated costs and expected results.

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Taking on the Unexpected

We know it can be hard to not get that a-okay out the door but know that by taking your dental health in your own hands, you are helping to ensure that you are doing your best to support your dental health and your overall physical well-being. It can initially be discouraging but know that by continuing to keep your six-month check-ups, caring daily for your dental health and taking the steps needed to actively treat concerns when they are first addressed will help keep your teeth as healthy as possible in the future.

We work to make certain all of our patients get the best in dental care from Family Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry. Your health, satisfaction, and confidence in your smile encourage us to continually work toward that goal.

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