Take a Bite Into These Fun Shark Tooth Facts

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It’s Shark Week so we thought we’d shed a little light on these often-feared but amazing sea creatures. Sharks have many natural abilities when it comes to being masters of their habitat, as their keen sense of smell, but it’s a shark’s teeth that we most often think of as their greatest strength. So enjoy these interesting shark tooth facts about this beautiful creature and you’ll have some trivia bits to share when you settle down for your summer viewing of Jaws!

shark teeth, family dentist

  • Sharks are born with a complete set of teeth.
  • Sharks teeth are covered in fluoride, a natural cavity-resistant substance.
  • Shark teeth grow in conveyor belt-like style, with the smaller teeth in the back growing and moving up, replacing the ones in front.
  • Sharks generally lose on average a tooth a week, they are not attached to the gum with a root as human teeth are so they are much less secure. Each tooth can be replaced within one day.
  • Most sharks average between 5-15 rows of teeth.

One other interesting shark tooth fact – they don’t get cavities. We humans aren’t as lucky so remember to brush and floss as humans also don’t get new teeth daily! If it’s time to get your set of chompers checked out, call our office at 248-852-3130.

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