Summer Sports Hydration

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Safe Summer Sports Practice

School sports and band practice season is upon us. These Summer practices can get really hot and sweaty. Kids have different reactions to heat than adults. Keeping kids hydrated is super important to preventing serious heat related problems.

Water or Sports Drink

It’s a common belief that if kids are in sports, they need sports drinks. Sports drinks actually add a hefty amount of sugar and in many ways are no different than drinking pop. Water is a much better choice to stay hydrated AND avoid the extra sugar that damages teeth. The only time the added ingredients in sports drinks are a benefit is after a significantly prolonged exercise period, like a marathon.

Detail On Fruit And Vegetable Drinks In Big Glass Beverages Disp

Safeguarding Kids Health and Teeth

A big key to keeping kids hydrated and safe during summer sport practices involve frequent water breaks. Help make it fun with icy fruit, herb or cucumber infused water at practice. Homemade infused water popsicles would be a bonus at these hot summer and fall practices.

Fruit Popsicles, Homemade Fruit Ice Lolly Of Various Fruits; Kiw

For More Information

Global Sports Development offers more information on keeping kids hydrated and serious heat related problems here: . Dr. Mansour’s team is committed to assist your family with any dental health concerns. Please call us at 248.852.3130

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