Caring for Your Child’s Baby Teeth

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New parents love all of those baby “firsts” – a welcome first smile, a sweet gurgling first laugh, and a tiny first tooth! From the initial appearance of that very first tooth to all the baby teeth that will pop up over the next few years, you will want to support your child by teaching them good dental habits right from the start.

Helping Hands for Healthy Teeth

New Arrivals

Baby teeth generally begin appearing at six months of age. When considering dental care for children younger than three years of age, parents, and caregivers can either use a clean cloth or a brush with just a small smear of fluoride toothpaste. As with adults, brushing in the morning and the evening is a good routine for children to follow. You can begin to guide them in using the right amount of toothpaste, let them know not to swallow it and begin to teach them the correct way to brush.

Start Good Habits Early

Start Good Habits Early

Children ages three to six years can use a bit more toothpaste – think a pea-sized amount. Stick with the twice a day routine and continue to supervise them to make certain they are following healthy brushing habits. It is generally recommended that once your child has two teeth that touch they should begin flossing daily. At this age, it is important to start establishing a routine to help instill good habits from the start. Your child will begin to want to brush their own teeth which is great to instill independence and to reinforce the need for brushing; however, it is still recommended that a caregiver brushes a second time until your child is about eight years old.

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